Corporate Team Building with an Indian Flavor

Sharmini Thomas: Curry Guru based in York and owner of an Indian Cookery ‘business with a difference’.

Why not blend kitchen experiences with your workplace challenges to develop the team by:

  • Creating a bond by working towards a common goal
  • Applying what’s learnt in the kitchen to your working environment, and watch productivity increase
  • Cooking in an innovative, effective, delicious and fun way
  • Giving the team an event they will never forget

How does cooking help?

Cooking food is one of the very few activities which arouses all our 5 senses.

By combining Indian Cookery (one of the most popular cuisines in England) with team building, staff form a much closer bond while enjoying themselves and learning a useful skill.

How to cook your dish to perfection?

• Introduction to Spices of the ‘Mystic East’. Discover the mystery and health benefits of such spices commonly used – such as black pepper, cloves cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and turmeric

• Understand the magic of Indian cooking is in the choice of ingredients, their proportions and sequence of cooking.

• With step-by-step guidance and tutor demonstration, you'll learn the sequence of cooking required to obtain the right color, texture, aroma and flavor for each dish!

As an old Asian proverb says: ‘Tell me, and I’ll forget. ‘Show me, and I may remember. But Involve me and I’ll understand’.


Identifies time management challenges in today’s workplace. (by cooking 3-4 dishes in a span of 2 hrs)

Provides understanding of cultural diversity and food habits.

Cooking home meals (using local produce) produces happier, healthier and less stressed individuals.

Individuals will be using soft skills such as communication skills, flexibility and co-operation to boost self esteem which is relevant to working confidently in their qualified hard skills’ jobs.

Creates interaction among employees and shows staff how to work together towards a common goal.

Feedback on

‘How enjoyable the team building session was’ ?

Good level of knowledge pitched at the right level. Your knowledge is fabulous.Yorkshire waters

Great-something new and different. Very enjoyable cooking our lunch together by working as a team. ASDA

Cooking and mixing with the team. NRM

What have you learnt from this experience?

How to make a delicious curry and rice-no more takeaways Asda

Learning new combination of spices. NRM

Excellent day, well executed and fun. Wackerneuson Company

Other information:

• You will be working in pairs. • All ingredients and recipe folder will be provided
• Fully equipped kitchen
• You can also purchase an apron for £15.00 or rent for £5.00
• Please do inform if you have any food allergies.
• Gift vouchers are available

Your event will be unique to meet your requirements, time frame and budget. To discuss your very different Indian cuisine corporate event contact Sharmini Thomas on
T: 07941 608 487