Mindfulness through Cooking

Cooking is a great mode for practicing Mindfulness as it is the only activity which makes use of all our 5 senses

‘Be present in the moment’ and captivate the sensory information of the food you are cooking.


See the vibrant array of colourful vegetables, spices and herbs which we will be adding to our curry

The smells:

Unfold the layering of your curry with each ingredient and spices which when added emulates a change of ‘fragrance ‘


Chopping of onions, ginger, garlic… The crackling of spices in oil, the sizzling of curry paste, the addition of water/coconut milk to make the sauce.


The feel and texture of all the ingredients used.


Last but not least, tasting and relishing the wonderful curry you have created.

And definitely ‘cooking with love’ is the most important ingredient for a really delicious curry