Accessible and Inclusive Environment at Sharmini’s Inspirational Indian Cuisine Cookery School 

Our Cookery School is designed to be welcoming to everyone, ensuring that all participants feel comfortable and supported regardless of their individual needs. 


  • Accessible Stations: We provide accessible stations and ample space for those with additional needs or caregivers. 
  • Flexible Seating: We offer flexible seating arrangements for participants with hearing issues during demonstrations. 
  • Excellent Facilities: Our toilets are equipped with excellent accessible provisions. 
  • Allergy Information: We thoroughly assess allergies and desired outcomes by emailing a Health Questionnaire to each student before the cookery session. 
  • Dietary Accommodations: Our classes accommodate a variety of dietary preferences, including non-vegetarian, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and pescatarian. Most dietary needs can be met if informed in advance.