Ethical, Responsible, and Sustainable Tourism 


Local Suppliers of Non-Vegetarian Meat Products: We are proud to introduce our local chicken suppliers and producers, who prioritize quality and sustainability. 

Wilson’s of York: We purchase our meat from the award-winning Wilson’s of York, a renowned butcher shop established in 2001. 

Soanes Poultry Ltd: We specialize in sourcing organic chicken exclusively from Soanes Poultry Ltd, a family-run business with a 70-year history, celebrated for its award-winning Yorkshire Chicken. 

Our butchers meticulously select and individually pack diced chicken thigh pieces specifically for Sharmini’s Inspirational Indian Cuisine, ensuring there is no wastage. These succulent, firm-textured chicken pieces, expertly trimmed of excess fat, have garnered acclaim among students who consistently praise their exceptional flavour. 

Our award-winning Cookery School partners with suppliers like Wilson’s and Soanes because of their shared dedication to excellence and responsibility, mirroring our commitment to providing the highest standards for our students. By sourcing ingredients locally, these classes support local suppliers and the regional economy. 

Sharmini’s Organic Starter Spice Kit: Our collection of 19 essential organic spices is meticulously curated in partnership with Steenbergs Organics.  

Each spice in our kit adheres to the highest ethical and fair-trade standards, ensuring unparalleled quality and integrity in every curry you create.  

Responsible Actions 

Waste Management: We provide precisely the required amount of ingredients for preparing each dish. 

Local Community Involvement: Participating in community events like the York Food and Drink Festival demonstrations allows us to exhibit our culinary knowledge, forge connections with the local community, and nurture a shared appreciation for food culture through collaboration. 

Environmentally Friendly Practices: 

  • Energy Efficiency: We inform clients about energy-saving cooking techniques, such as preparing meals in large batches and portioning them for freezing. 
  • Minimal Packaging: We advise our clients to bring their own Tupperware containers for taking home surplus curries and other dishes.