Indian Cooking Team Building Workshops: Corporate Events

Engage in Team Building and Social Connection with an Indian flavour at The Cookery School at The Grand, York

Introduction – Corporate Team Building Workshops

Learn to prepare delectable Indian curries, enjoy a delightful dining experience, and strengthen your team’s connections all at once!

“Experience the Finest Team Building with Indian Flavour’ with multi award winning Indian cookery tutor Sharmini Thomas and founder of Nation’s Best Curry School in UK, perfect for away days, networking, fundraisers, corporate team building, training days, product launches, and employee incentives.

Sharmini, Sunday Times “Curry Queen” Cookery Consultant now offers team-building cookery workshops The Cookery School at The Grand! Perfect for social gatherings too.

Embark on a transformative journey @The Cookery School at The Grand, where your team will forge strong bonds, acquire new skills, and savor their accomplishments amidst unparalleled luxury and state-of-the-art facilities.
Workshops accommodates 14 up to 30 clients. As an added convenience, the package includes a conference room for meetings before or after sessions, providing a dedicated space for discussions, presentations, and collaborative work.

Why choose an Indian cuisine workshop for team building?

  1. Forge stronger bonds by working towards a common goal.
  2. Suitable for all ages.
  3. Apply kitchen-learned skills to the workplace, boosting productivity.
  4. Enjoy a fun, innovative, and delicious cooking experience.
  5. Create unforgettable memories for your team.
A happy employee is the cornerstone of building a ‘Productive organisation’

Indian cooking challenges foster a productive organization by making employees happy and engaged.

What sets us apart?

Ice Breakers: Build a cooperative environment and strong team rapport.

Age Inclusivity: Activities everyone will enjoy, regardless of age

Retention: Instill a sense of value and belonging

Problem-Solving: Enhance problem solving, communication, adaptability and teamwork through cooking challenges within your team.

Conference room: Perfect space to use before or after your activity for a meeting with staff if needed.

Our Indian cooking team bonding activities include:

  • Understanding the magic of Indian cooking: ingredient choices, proportions, and cooking sequences.
  • Step-by-step guidance for achieving each curry’s correct colour, texture, aroma, and flavour.


  1. Enhance time management skills by cooking multiple dishes within a limited time.
  2. Gain insights into cultural diversity and food habits.
  3. Promote healthier, happier, and less stressed individuals through home-cooked meals.
  4. Develop soft skills like communication, flexibility, and cooperation to boost self-esteem and workplace confidence.
  5. Encourage interaction among employees and demonstrate teamwork towards a common goal.

What’s included:

  • All ingredients and a recipe folder.
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • Cookery aprons are provided
  • Customizable events to suit your requirements and time frame.
  • Please inform us of any food allergies.

Testimonials And Feedback:

Positive feedback from Companies

Yorkshire Waters, ASDA, Wacker Neuson (Strafford), Castlegate Dental Centre, Business Works UK Ltd, Minford Chartered Accountants, The Red House Dental Practice, National Museum of Science and Industry


Great-something new and different. Very enjoyable cooking our lunch together by working as a team. ASDA

We enjoyed the introduction on how to be in a win-win situation, learning to cook Indian food, learning new combinations of spices, getting to know the rest of the team and mixing as a team. This is one of the best team building workshops we have attended and we have prepared some of the dishes at home too. NMSI team

The purpose of the weekend was partly team building, and partly a thank you to the managers for working hard and doing extremely long hours and a thank you to their partners for supporting them. Wackerneuson Company

 I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I found out that I knew next to nothing about spices and your explanation and demonstration was fascinating. I also really enjoyed the actual cooking – My Bombay spuds were a triumph! Haha! The whole team enjoyed the bit of friendly rivalry and it was a great team bonding exercise that everybody seemed to enjoy. Dave Parker Operations Director YO1 Radio


Book your unforgettable Indian cooking team-building experience today.

Here are the planned 2023 team-building sessions focused on crafting exotic and aromatic curries and having a fun-filled day

  • August 21st (Fully Booked)
  • *November 14th (held on a Tuesday)
  • November 27th
  • December 4th

The Cookery School at The Grand:

Its favourable location, within a short 7 minutes’ walking distance from the Railway Station, enhances its attractiveness, ensuring convenient accessibility for businesses coming from various locations, both near and far.

For those looking to extend their stay, The Grand is offering a preferential bed and breakfast rate, allowing participants to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of York.

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