Recipe Book: Sharmini’s Inspirational Indian Cuisine: York’s Authentic Indian Recipes

Sharmini’s inspirational Indian cuisine showcases some of York’s authentic Indian recipes from a cookery instructor that has over 20 years of experience in the industry of cooking Indian food. Sharmini has been a lifelong teacher and her cooking classes have become extremely in demand throughout the year. With this cookbook, you can re-create many of her most famous recipes in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you plan on visiting Sharmini for a cooking lesson in her classroom or you are interested in simply trying out some of her recipes for yourself, this book can work as an excellent supplement to prepare you for cooking a wide range of Indian meals.

Many people love having the cookbook as a resource after they finish their cooking lessons. Having an ongoing shopping list and even just some simple instructions on how you can cook various elements of the meal could be very helpful.

Within this book are authentic recipes for a variety of dishes including coconut rice, various breads, Goan Prawn, Butter chicken and more. Your kitchen could come to life with a variety of inspirational Indian cuisine that has an authentic flair.

Many of these recipes are tried and tested and will taste of the same quality you might get in a local restaurant in York. Imagine having the power to cook your own Indian food with confidence! This is exactly the type of gift that this inspirational Indian cuisine book can deliver.

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