Sharmini’s Indian cooking classes (Full and half days)

What is included in our full day classes?

You will make a starter, two main courses, a side dish, and a vegetable rice dish.

There are a number of big reasons why you should consider choosing a full-day package if you want to really dive in and explore Indian cuisine! Here are some of the top items which are included in our full-day classes that you can enjoy:

Coffee/Tea is complimentary with biscuits throughout:

This is the perfect way to create a pleasant environment that’s also festive for the holidays. Closer to holiday times we will also include a Christmas cracker alongside the coffee and tea as well as the biscuits.

Personal instruction in small class size:

You will be getting step-by-step guidance through every aspect of the preparation and cooking of every dish. We want to ensure that you receive personalized attention, creating smaller class sizes of 8-12 people at maximum. This is meant to be an interactive experience that is enjoyable to everyone involved.

Get instruction on Indian spices:

As well as actually learning how to cook authentic Indian food you will be able to learn some of the most common Indian spices by the end of the day as well as how to identify them at your local market. Of course, our Spice tin is also available if you are interested in getting a starter kit for cooking Indian food at home.

All ingredients for the cooking will be included:

We have a fully stocked kitchen that you can use for creating these dishes throughout the day. Feel free to bring your own kitchen knives if you would prefer to use them.

A lunch of various dishes will be prepared by you

This way you can get a taste for the authentic flavours you should be expecting with each recipe.

A full-day cooking class is one of the best ways that you can teach yourself how to cook authentic Indian food.

What to Expect

Our Cookery Workshops are designed to ensure that you have a fun-filled day of learning in addition to enjoying a lip-smacking Indian feast.

  • Freshly sourced ingredients
  • Fully equipped Kitchen that is also disabled friendly
  • Recipe booklet to recreate these mouth-watering dishes
  • An array of tea/coffee and snacks to keep you energized